Friday, December 17, 2010

Trick Number One.

Yawn.  Must stay focused.  Must stay alert.  Must not fall asl…..zzzzzzz           

Easier some days, harder others.  Consensus around the office is that today’s a harder day – that today is just another 'day like this'.  

Not just because today's Monday, first day back after the weekend - on a day like this you wouldn't want to be here it was Monday, Wednesday or Friday.  Doesn’t take much on a day like this - one look out of the window at the pale blue sky confirms the horrific truth that there's a world out there ripe for exploration and enjoyment.  Take a look and see the proof.  See people out there doing that exploring thing; walking somewhere, jogging or cycling somewhere.  Some alone, some in groups and some even be hand in hand.  How brazen, how bold.  No matter - the one thing all those people have in common is that they’re out there.  In the world.  The right side of the glass.  By contrast here you are on the wrong side of that same glass - safe and secure in the sterile, air-conditioned confines of the office.  

Maybe this is the only escape available.  Screw the in-box, the in-tray - let’s look at the same old screen a brand new way.  Lets tap at the keyboard for fun and not out of duty.  Let’s think about whatever, not what's got an 'urgent' stamp next to it.  Not the same as really being outside in the world, granted.  Not the same as basking in the heat under that pale blue sky, sure- but it’s still escapism of sorts.  One way to duck another 'day like this'. 

Let’s build somewhere, a hidey-hole.  A sanctuary - somewhere to take refuge when days like this come calling.    Maybe a way to reach through that glass barrier, escape to the world outside, feel the heat of a day on outstretched arms.  

Game on, all bets off - all at once. 

Think about it hard enough, for long enough, could be quite exciting....


Jessica said...

A hidey-hole sounds lovely.

Trick/Pony said...

As long as I don't get wedged or stuck there it sounds pretty good yeah.

ladytruth said...

Mondays are the WORST. I know this guy who closes his business on Monday just because it's against his believe to start work right after the weekend. Now THAT's more my style. A solution to avoiding the lucky, happy, seemingly Monday-free people on the other side of the glass could be to move your desk to the corner or getting curtains. Just like that: imagination and creativity killed. :)

My first time here and starting to get comfortable. Thanks for the comments on my blog; I really like yours, by the way.

Indigo Roth said...

Blogging about fun stuff? Avoiding any sense of urgency? Sir, you sound like a slacker. So obviously, I shall return. See you soon, Indigo.