Thursday, December 30, 2010

Behind The Slash.

Arty isn't it?  Much more cutting edge that a hyphen and better than an ampusand.  Ampusands are so last millennium.  Had to be the slash really.  

No really - had to be.  Sit, listen - got a story to tell you.  Interesting?  Probably not.  Humour me.

Decided to start a blog.  Go me.  Picked a name.  Go me even more.  What?  Eh?  Someone's got the name already?  Boo, hiss.

The culprit?  The focus of my wrath?  None other than that nefarious Gabriel Villeda . What?  You don't know Gabriel?  Let me introduce you.

Gabriel started blogging in October 2003 with marvellous assertion.  Blogs were for "faggots who have more gigs of porn than hair on their heads", he/she proclaimed.  Quite liked that one, especially as Gabriel then decided not to stop blogging but to carry right on.  Apparently despite obvious sign of homosexuality, blogs were still a valuable component of the internet and allowed a certain amount of anonymity.  All good points Gabriel.  Just so we're clear, you yourself - full head of hair or large hard drive?  Just so we're clear.  Kinda wondering, you see.
Unlikely to ever know.  Quell that rising disappointment.  You see Gabriel's blog only ran to two more entries so the truth may be out there, but I doubt  it will ever come knocking for tea and an explanation.  Similarly, may have to face life without ever knowing if Gabriel ever overcame their Koolaid habit, perfected Emo poetry or improved on their 'infamous asian schoolgirl' phase.  Bit of a downer - find myself sad that so many questions may just hang in the air unanswered for all eternity.   May get over it eventually, may need therapy.  Time will tell.

So men and women of blogdom, charge and raise your glasses.  Here's to Gabriel - the one who got there first.  Gabriel, I salute you, wish you well.  Wherever you are, whatever you're doing and whether you're happy or sad, boy or girl, emo or goth, I honour you for the pivotal role you played in that slash up there.  Drop by some time.  Don't be a stranger now and if anyone visits looking for me, point them this way, okay?


Trick/Pony said...

Two followers? TWO WHOLE FOLLOWERS? Shit folks, too kind of you. Better get writing now I have an audience!

ladytruth said...

It gets better, trust me. When you're famous and lazy someday you can always come back to these and repost them, no mess no fuss ;) At least you have one dedicated follower since I like your style and know it won't be too long before you forget all about us first two amongst the hundreds of comments that you'll have to read and maybe answer. By the way, where did the idea for the name of the blog come from?

Trick/Pony said...

Ladytruth the name of the blog is all to do with the reasons for starting the blog.

In essence I'm interested to see what makes it here and I hope that I do get plenty of followers (not that I will forget the people who were there at the start)- but more because that would mean I wasn't a one-trick pony. How many tricks I have up my sleeve, I guess only time will tell!

Jessica said...

Happy to have been one of the first and look forward to your writings in 2011.


Indigo Roth said...

As a six year blogger, I can assure dear Gabriel that I have a full luxurious head of hair. It's not even dyed; it was that colour when I bought it. So there.